Hello my fellow bassists!

I wanted to ask if any of you jazz players could explain to me your thought process on walking bass lines for songs? What notes do you play? When? Where?

Any other tips you have for me would be great!

Thanks for the help guys.
You should run a search as there have een some good threads about jazz basslines.. but basically, you want to hit each chord change with the root note and then use approach notes to get to them, usually a tone or semi-tone.. I can't be arsed to go into it now as i am on a course for work, but as i said there has been a few good threads....
i explained that on a very old thread so i'll just post the quote, i hope you understand it. ask away any questions you might have.
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not exactly. lets say you have a four quarters pattern. a walking bass line consists of these rules:
*the first and third quarters (remember that it doesnt have to be played in quarters, thats just the beat.) has to be notes that are part of the chord. lets say you have a G7 chord, than the first and third quarters will be either G,B,D or F.
*the second and fourth quarters has to be part of the scale, or chromatic.

walking bass lines are continuous. they keep going and going without pauses and consist of even rhythm. that means there wont be a half note than 8 1/16 notes in a bar. usually there will be 8 1/8 notes per bar but with a swing feel to it.
i suggest you listen to some jazz tunes. these have the most interesting and fun to listen walking basslines.
espicically listen to ron carter and paul chambers. (their solos are great too btw).

bah i hope i didnt get you too bored