I'm looking into buying a Crafter Acoustic guitar. Anybody got one? I dont know much about them, but they look like quality guitars.
Their Electrics are not very good but ive heard thier acoustics are meant to be very good and well made.
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I have one for several years now and I'm still a very satisfied customer. Overall finish, sound and playability well above what one would expect in this price range. I wouldn't say the electronics are bad. Not spectacular soundwise (but neither is Fishman to my opinion), but very reliable and low on battery consumption.
hmm crafter.. a bit iffy.

you can get better for your money. A lot of guitar shops ive been into stock crafter as their main range, i've played a couple including a twelve string and found the tone to be overall lacking. Playability seemed ok, as did build. But as I said, you can get better.

Crafter are one of the best "Entry Level" guitars.

I Own one and have tried quite a few. They have a great sound and are very playable considering the price. As long as you remember they are an entry level guitar and don't start comparing it to a more expensive piece of kit you won't be dissapointed.

Although, as manufacturing in the far east becomes better other manufacturers are catching up and taking on crafter.... Tanglewood and Cort etc

If you can stretch to it try a Simon and Patric SP6 really good guitar made in Canada that will take a long time for you to out grow