I don't want a volume pedal but rather a volume stomp box like this one ...

It's to cut the volume for a single channel amp to get into clean of it.

so are there any similar brandname pedals or should i get this slightly expensive but awesome quality handmade one (yer it looks rough but quality is top notch).
the suggestions are just flying in aren't they! i guess i'll go with the homemade on on ebay.
cheers, i might just but my soldering iron skills aren't all they used to be (they neva used to be good) but i might grab a schematic from somewhere.
If you do make it yourself, think about what else you might want - for example a mid-cut would be pretty easy to add in and quite useful for switching between lead and rhythm sounds. As long as your happy not to have an LED on it you don't even need a battery - since they're passive they don't use any power.

I'm probably going to put something like this together when I've got the time but with a mute switch as well. I want it so if your foot is on the button it's muted, if you know what I mean. Think Tom Morello style mid solo mutings.
sounds cool. well my tube amp being bought till i get back to aus however in the meantime i'll experiment with some stuff. i take it hardware for these kind of things isn't that expensive?
You're talking a box, a potentiometer and a couple of wires and jack sockets. No, it won't be expensive!