ok this is my first post on the UG forums so ill try and make it good. Now, i like to do parodys so if thats not ok just tell me and ill totally scrap it. Here is a sample of something i did ages ago:

Parody of McFly's - Obviously

'cos obviously, she's over 33,
and i don't wanna go out with her anymore.
She drives a cavilier, she's really quier(sp?)
and everytime i see her eat. She has to scrub her feet.
with the fork that she used to eat her pork and now she's got a... Heart diseeease!

hehe, so if theres anything i could improve, change etc, just let me know.

(i made up a little end bit as well:
So i visited her, in the hospital,
but go away is what she said.
So i walked out the door and she hit the floor...(drums: ba-da-bum.)
She was Dead :P) its pretty rubbish tho.
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