hey guys, people say that the peavey valveking series sounds to much like a solid state amplifier?? is this true?? because i am thinking about getting one
Well go and try it for youself, its a bit more high gain orientated. I wouldn't mind having one, but I wouldnt buy it over a laney or sumfin.
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Well go and try it for youself, its a bit more high gain orientated. I wouldn't mind having one, but I wouldnt buy it over a laney or sumfin.

it's actually low gain, at least compared to the monster gain of a laney, the gain is more classic rock kind of gain, think acdc. With an overdrive you can kick it a bit.
it didn't really sound solid state to me. Sounded like a budget tube amp. It's not that low gain either.
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I tried a couple of VKs and they sounded tube to me. They're not really intended for high gain though. You get more of a Plexi-ish tone out of them than anything. But for any lower gain applications, I thought it sounded great, especially considering the price. And I can imagine with a new set of quality tubes, it would sound even better.
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Valvekings aren't too bad. They sound spongy, like a tube amp should, so no worries there. They aren't really a high-gain amp. They're more of a rock/hard rock amp (although, it does sound fairly compressed). It's a decent sounding amp, but don't expect miracles. You get what you pay for (although, it is a good value considering it's a tube amp).
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I got a peavey valveking..i use it for all kinds of rock, classic,punk.metal
When i use my mt-2 it sounds pretty good, its extremely loud too but when it gets extremely loud it keeps the quality of the sound.
I was gonna buy a marshall SS halfstack but iveheard a lot of crap about them.
This amp is good for what i play and i dont think it sounds like a solid state at all.
my friend has one, and i like it
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Try one out for yourself, see for yourself.

And don't consider buying something if you haven't even played it.
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I don't like them. They just aren't versatile at all to me. Clean seems a bit blah. OD is silly. You just can't get a decent crunch. There's just a point where it goes from just a touch of distortion to complete AC/DC. IMO.
It's a steal though if you like them. I'm sure a tube change would probably help too.
It doesn't sound like a solid state. Not mine, anyway. Like everyone said, just try it out.