What excersices (if any) do you guys do to improve your ears? I have my brother play either a note or a chord on my keyboard and pick it out on my guitar with the least amount of tries as possible. I also do the same with guitar to guitar.
something i do Subconsciously is play and say the note names in my head the notes im playing. When you memorize the fretboard, and know what notes your playing without looking, You get to the point where you know your notes and have Perfect Pitch..... Or at least thats how i got it
Picking up songs off records. Also, try to improve your relative pitch: This should help.
(Slightly outdated) Electronic and classical compositions by m'self: Check 'em out
^i also do that with the songs and it really does get easier i never thought i'd be able to do it but it almost seems natural now. thanks i'll check that out.

That there is musictheory.net, and it'll help you with more than just ear training
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thank you to modestmouse and ILoveHarmonics those were the exact things that I was looking for.