Very Nice guys. I'm enjoying this. But maybe mix in the guitars just a little bit louder?
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Nice, but yeah, mix in the guitars a wee bit louder.
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Erm shouldnt this be in band promo, i hate to be the one to say that. But you should know by now Custom. I love it though, really nice. Thats great.

4.5 stars, i agree maybe mix the guitars in louder. Other than that its amazing.
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well me being in PA and CLassic in Fla would make it a "net band" lol and yeah Classic just a tad more volume on our leads
lol yeh, i didnt realize you were gonna make a post in the eg... I already got it up in the riffs/recording section, now we gonna get flamed lol.
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WooT, good job guys... now get the hell out of here!

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