The time has come to upgrade the pups in my Epi Les Paul Standard. I'm kinda leaning towards Seymour Duncans as I love Slash's tone but they are by no means the pups I'll get.

I'm after both bridge and neck pups that will compliment each other and are reasonably versatile. My needs for this guitar are hard rock to metal, Led Zep, Guns N'Roses to Metallica, Black Sabbath. I'll be running it thru a JCM2000 TSL601 and soon, a Maxon OD-9.

I'm really not fussed on which manufacturer or if they are identical to the above mentioned music, a good allrounder I guess. I will be getting another LP soon which will get a vintage kinda setup so this one now would be more a metal setup eventually but I would like to stay with passive pups. I just want you guys to recommend some to check out if you wouldn't mind.
I got a Epi Les Paul Standard aswell and i've gone for a Seymour Duncan Full Shred on the Bridge pick up and left the the neck pick up for soft blues stuff. The pick up gives a sweet 'mid-boosted' clean sound and the gain on it is a classic rock sound with a serious edge. You get a little more from it. The two pick ups put together sound just like the hard rock zeppelin rhythm sound and the treble screams like a bitch!

Hope that helped. BBMrule