Hey im a half decent 16 year old guitar player from langley b.c., love to listen to and play metal, not much of a lead player but I'm not too bad. anyways, if you have a metal(lamb of god,trivium, in flames, shadows fall) band needing a second guitar player or rhythm guitar player or if you're a drummer, vocalist or bassist looking for a guitar player to start a metal band with give me a pm, thanks
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hey man , im a 16 year old guitar play in langley bc who loves metal tooo, i can play lead ok myself
Hey boys, I just moved to Langley about a couple of days ago, I lived in Chilliwack were I had a band that I now only attend every other weekend. I am looking for a band here in Langley. I can play lamb of gods, slayer, Couple of nevermore solo's and I have written 5 metal songs. Email me or something if you are interested.