He doesn't use a brand available for you to go buy at a store.

They're very expensive and have to be custom ordered online or from a custom catalog.

It's a spanish brand that I'm not sure how to say.
One of the guitars he uses very often is a flamenco negra made by Conde Hermanos. And YES, you can buy a guitar from the maker if you got the cash. As these guitars are handcrafted, famous artistes would definitely get the cream of the crop and the maker himself would probably be unable to recreate the 'miracle guitar' again.

For handcrafted classical or flamenco guitars, lots of other factors come into play, apart from workmanship and crafting technique. Eg. quality of the wood and other factors that can't be controlled. A maker can only guess the quality of the wood, but the only way to really find out, is to make a guitar out of it.

A comparison of quality like this would be appropriate. A Conde Hermanos flamenco guitar (is to) the Ramirez classical guitar (is to) the Martin acoustic guitar (is to) the Fender or Gibson electric guitar. In other words, the leading brand or maker.

Paco has endorsed this particular brand which he sells under his name, while a maker (can't remember name) crafts the top end models. He himself uses a 'Paco de Lucia guitar' in his recent album. However, prices are known to be steep and rather expensive for it's quality. They are great no doubt, but whether it's worth the cash is another matter.