im a guitar player so im a crazy noob to bass. the bass player i jam with is somewhat slow for metal. if he plays with fingers what can help him speed up? and if he plays with a pick can he kinda alternate/tremelo pick liek a guitar player? what do most metal bassists play? pick or fingers?
It really depends on what sound he wants. I know a lot of metal bassist, particularly that i have come across prefer a pick because ( i assume) u get a much 'stronger and defined' attack, but there are loads of bass players who use fingers, to get speed on both will take practice (as with everythin). I personally use three fingers (aka Billy Sheehan) and hate picks (probably cos i' bad at using them, although i keep practisin for the added variety you can gain from learning both).

At the end of the day it depends what sound you or he wants.

Exercises i use to speed up are where basicly i mute the strings and run up and down in different timings to a metronome on each string working back and forth alternating strings, and jumping strings. The reason i mute the strings is because i find it easier for me to here when i make a mistake. That and i run scales which obviously helps both hands. I would presume the same apporach would work for picks.

I hope this helps.
I would recommend using a pick if you want to play stuff like Metallica, because the bassist mostly accents the music (plays basically the same thing in the background). For it to sound good, a pick is recommended.
good pick for metal music? use a dime or a nickel it'll make a scratchy sound, i use em if i play metal.
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I trem pick, actually I cant trem pick better then our rythym guitarist.

To get faster, all you can do is practice practice practice.

You don't have to use a pick for metal, it's really what sounds better, I prefer the attack I get with a pick over using my fingers.

The picks I use are Fender heavys or Purple Tortex, 1.14 mm I believe. I hate picks that are insanely thick and I hate thin ones. Those two are a nice in-between.
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The purple tortexs are what I use for speed metal. They have a very good feel, not too flimsy, but not too stiff.

As for bassists, I like the sound better with a pick because it goes better with the guitar, but if you can play well and fast with your fingers, knock yourself out. It's how you feel comfortable playing that matters.
there are plenty of metal bassists who play with their fingers- Steve harris of Iron Maiden, John Myung of Dream Theater, and i think the guy from Dragonforce does, too. all of them are crazy fast and it sounds great. fingers give less of a defined sound, and more of an underlying rumble. my personal preference is fingers, of which you'll need at least three for maximum speed. my fingers can keep pace with "Battery", but it took loads of practice.

ml84k3r listed some good exercises above, i use a number of them, too (i'm guessing we both took 'em from Billy Sheehan's example).
I can use both, pick and fingers but prefer to use a pick mainly because of the sound it makes suits my kind of genre. Plus, for the kind of music I play I do not have to play many complicated bass lines so pick is usually the easier option.