Hello all. There are a couple of things i always run into but i dont understand. so here are my questions:
1) what is a piezo? what are the differences in sound when you have a piezo?
2) what are the differences between "2 EQ" and "3 EQ"?

To my knowledge, a piezo is a small, microphone-like pickup very near the bridge and helps to pick up a more "acoustic" sound (esp. good for tapping). EQ stands for equalizer, and allows you to change the levels of the highs, lows, mids, etc. 2 EQ means two-band equalizer (probably high and low) and 3 EQ means three-band equalizer (probably high, medium, and low).

And as for EQ, EQ stands for equalizer. It modifies different frequencies of your tone. A two band equalizer will most likely adjust the lows and highs (bass and treble) of your sound. A three band will most likely adjust the lows, mids, and highs. A four band will most likely adjust the lows, low mids, high mids, and highs.

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