I have so far cut out the body, and routed the pickups, and everything else,

this is what the body is similar to

What i need to know is how do i connect the 2 guitar humbuckers, when i cant drill a hole to them... would I have to route part of the back to do that, that goes for connecting the switch and the input aswell...

Also to get my pickups and other bits, i pulled apart another guitar to cut them, but to get all of them out i had to cut the wire, is there a certain way to connect these wires back together?

thanks in advance
Usually, a diagonal channel is routed from the switch to the control cavity through where the pickup cavities would be, and this is done before the top is applied. If it doesn't haev a top, then you'll have to drill through. It's tricky stuff, and you'll need an auger bit (I use a 6mm auger bit, but because it is quite narrow, it isn't very long).

As long as the wires go back in the right place, it doesn't matter how you connect them. I would use terminal blocks as they're really easy to connect wires with.

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If you routed everything correctly before you glued the top on (if you're gluing a top on) there should be a channel running through the two pickups.

Otherwise, you can just drill a hole between the two pickups (hard to explain). Just take a long long drill bit and drill a hole from the neck pickup into the bridge pickup and then drill a hole from the bridge pickup into the control cavity.

Good luck
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