I havearound £250-£300 Looking for a new amp..

Would prefer valve but i doubt its going to happen for that money...

Any suggestions?

I use pedals for all ym distortion so really im looking for one with a nice clean tone.
Marshall AVT series Combos

they cost from arounf £200'ish for a 50watt upwards to a 150 watt for about £300

They're valve amps.
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I guess something like a Laney LC30 or VC30 would be something to look into. The AVT is a horrible amp though, and it isn't a valve amp either (it's hybrid, which is pretty much the same as solid-state). The LC30 and the VC 30 are both valve amps, and have some pretty nice tones. The LC30 is geared more towards rock and the VC30 is more of a classic rock/blues kind of amp.
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