Okay, so I've got a cheap 70? strat copy I'm upgrading, and I wanted to know how could I fit a tele bridge in it, 'cause I'm getting fed up with my vibrato, and also 'cause I love the tele brige pickup soud and look...

Thanks in advance
Yes you could fit one, but it'll involve blocking the original cavities where the springs and trem block and the pickups went, planing them flush and painting over the top (better to re-do the whole guitar rather than trying to match) then you'd have to fix the bridge in the correct position, rout out some new pickup cavities for the new tele pups and for the new controls. Quite a lot of work involved in it, but it can be done easily if you know what you're doing.

What exactly do you want to do? keep the strat middle and neck pickups or not? switch to tele pickups? switch to tele controls? have a strat scratchplate? have a tele scratchplate? have no scratchplate?
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Can it be done? Sure, as described ^^. It would be easier to block the trem that's on there, making it a hard tail.
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Well I wanna have the strat neck and middle puckups and put a tele bridge/pickup and keep the scrtachplate and controls...
And Mudder, I could easily do it, but the saddles are dead, so I take this occasion to make it new