Hey, I play in a Punk band. But we're not just simplistic/stereotypical stuff, its just our style of choice. I was just wondering if any people write punk music here, what kind of techniques and stuff do you use?

I normally go for a lot of powerchord based stuff, but have some technical solos and stuff. Thing is, I feel i'm overusing powerchords occasionally and would appreciate any alternative suggestions.

Any advice on writing riffs is also good.
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if you feel you are overusing power chords, i would turn down the distortion and use some nice chords. keep some distortion on, but if you have it turned down enough where it doesnt sound like mud when you play a chord, you can then play chords (duh). i wouldnt go for anything complex, just some basic triads. if you just keep it to three or four strings then it still kinda has that thick sound if you get a nice voicing. also, modifying the powerchords also works well. like moving one finger so its a different chord but has the basis of that powerchord shape. those are just some things i sometimes use when writing punk songs.
I agree with Jof1029. Take, for example, Green Day. Green Day is a perfect example of a band that knows when to stack on the distortion and when to peel a bit off. Particularly on Nimrod and Warning, the main tone is with light distortion on the open chords which B.J. plays the full chord of. You'll find that playing the full barre chord with less distortion doesn't take away much from the fullness of the sound, but it does give a different quality to the sound.

In terms of more intricate guitar over vocals, listen to early Blink182, they used a lot of solo-esque instrumentation, particularly when Mark is singing and Tom just has to worry about guitar. That'll give you an idea of what to maybe try to go with.

Hope this helps, cheers.
- PunkFish
try incorporating qualities of different types of music into punk.... cuz punk is primarily 4 chords for 3 1/2 minutes & before i get flamed by "pro-punk" kids going 'nuh uh, its more than that' i'd like to state that i've been studying music for a while, and although there are bits and pieces that are more than that & an exception to the rule, thats the primary basis for all punk songs 4 chords really fast and loud.... i like punk as much as the next guy (real punk, ramones, sex pistols, rancid and the like) but it is what it is..... if all you're doing is powerchords really fast, congrats, you've captured the basic essence of punk.