Hey everyone, I'm looking for a tube amp, it'll be used at home most of the time to upgrade over my solid state which just isn't cutting it. My budget is, let's say around 7-800 USD. Tones I'm looking for are heavy metal, thrash type stuff, Slayer primarily, Metallica, Megadeth, pantera, sabbath. The amps I've considered so far are:
Peavey 5150 combo
Peavey XXX Combo
Marshall JCM 800 w/ cab

Which one or others would be the best for these tones? I'd be willing to stretch the budget a little for the marshall or a more expensive amp if it'd be better than the other options. thanks
For the styles listed, I'd say that the Peavey XXX is what you're after. It'll nail those trash metal tones.
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Peavey 5150 will suit your metal style best.. but the XXX will give you more versatility. I'd go for the XXX
plus a XXX combo is only £499 ($350)

(that's the 40w 1x12 version - non EFX)
Well the JCM 800 should be great for Slayer, Megadeth and old Metallica and I would say it could do sabbath too (Slayer use JCM800's as far as I know, Metallica used modded Marshalls for the early stuff and Megadeth use Marshalls but I'm not 100% sure what ones, Though I wouldn't be surprised if they were JCM800's) Really you probably wont get an accurate Pantera tone without a good Solid-State amp, but most people here would probably say that a JCM800 > Almsot any solid state ever

A JCM800 will probably take some cranking to get the distortion you're looking for though
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Is slayer's tone difficult to get on the peavey? Because the 5150 has been said to be voiced darker while slayer's tone is brighter. I'm into the post creeping death metallica (Master of puppets and on). Which JCM 800 model should I check out if that is the best option or would one of the peaveys do that era of metallica and slayer better?
I think that's around the time Metallica started using Mesa/Boogies
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GNR4EVER is correct. Slayer use JCM 800s for their tone. Metallica used to use modded Marshalls in the early days. Megadeth, at least Dave, uses a rackmount Marshall preamp and a Marshall power amp.

Now on the subject of these amps....

The JCM 800, as good as it may be, is a 1-trick pony. It will do one sound, and do it extremely well. But since most 800 heads are single channel, you won't have cleans. And you really need to crank those bastards to get good metal distortion out of them. Great amp, but you're gonna need another amp and an A/B box for cleans.

The 5150 is an excellent amp that can get you almost any metal tone you want, particularly the Slayer / Metallica tones... I managed to get some pretty useable tones out of the 5150.



But beware - the cleans aren't very good on the 5150. They do cleans (as you can hear in the Harvester clip), but rather underwhelming.

Overall, the XXX is probably the most versatile of the amps listed. I think it doesn't sound as thick and chunky as the 5150, but it can do a lot more tonally - giving you decent cleans, and good distorted tones.
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Got your PM, dude, and I'm gonna agree with Crunchmeister, the 5150 is a great amp.

Or if you can find a cheap Mesa Stiletto Ace combo, that would be great too, even though it has a bit less gain.

And since we're talking Marshalls, you might like a JCM900 more than an 800.
Would a Schecter with JB/59 combo sound good through the Peavey 5150, because I was planning on getting an ibanez s series with emg's in it, but i don't think i'll be able to get both the guitar and amp. The JB through my crate isn't that great for heavy metal, but would it improve a lot through the 5150?
it should be fine... and if it's not... you can always swap pickups later.

Better a high quality amp and mediocre guitar than the other way around.
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the JB is a little underpowered, but it'll work until you get a new guitar. the ibanez S series rocks, by the way. and the 5150.
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