I have an Epiphone Les Paul, I was going to make a number of changes to it, I have already had it set up for Heavy Bottom Strings, Changing the pick ups to a set of EMGs, But I was wondering if a Whammy Bar could be installed to it, I've never had a guitar with one or even tried one but I want one. Could one be added to the gibson style bridge or would it require major work, or is it even worth it? I was also wondering if having thicker bass strings would change how it works.
ok for starters there is no point in using bass strings, you will need a new nut, new bridge, trussrod adjustment........basically way too much hassle. As for the trem, the only option i can think of would be a stetsbar but they are seriously expensive, again overall the whammy bar would be too much hassle than its worth anyway.
no no noooooo not Actual Bass...Bass strings, but the thick strings on a guitar, heavy bottom strings, 10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52, My guitar's already set up for those strings, Im using them already
oh right, hmm well using heavier bass strings would mean that you may have to have the intonation checked, but arent the bass strings thick enough for you? because when it came to restringing you would have to order them individually, the skinny top heavy bottoms are the heaviest hybrid set i know of. But i dont think heavier bass strings would change your bridge too much.
I think if people put whammy bars on Les Pauls, they're generally Bigsbys. I think you'd need to remove the stopbar and possibly the bridge all together and install the Bigsby as a complete unit.

Neil Young has one on his guitar "Old Black"

I'd guess that using thicker strings may give you less down movement, but you could use a stronger spring, or just pack the one that's in there.

Hope this helps.
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yeah I had it Set up... so the intonation is all set. I love the strings I got, it goes good with my distortion pedal as well, gives it a heavier crunch. I definately notice the difference. D'addario makes a set that I buy all the time.

Anyway How expensive would that stetsbar cost anyway? The guitar I got is my favourite guitar and my "main" one so I basically do everything with it, which is why I want to add and mod it.
Thanks MrAngryeyes, That's an awesome picture and I actually really like the way the bridge looks, yeah I suppose I'd invest into that
^ The thing with Bigsbys is that they go out of tune more than any other trem. Only really for an occaisional vintage "wobble" of the strings (however, they still rock, and i dont think anything will ever beat them really). I think Stetsbars are the best out there at the moment, but they come a hell of a price. You don't need to do any drilling or cutting for these either; they're completely retro-fitting.
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Floyd Rose and Kahler made tremolo bridges for the Les Paul back in the 80's. I believe they didn't require any routing. Good luck in trying to find one though. Below are pics of these.

Found a Kahler on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Kahler-Gibson-Gold-Stud-mount-Whammy-Bridge_W0QQitemZ250011496647QQihZ015QQcategoryZ41407QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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I checked out the website, They dont have a price, I think I have to contact them and order it custom or something, or do they sell them at Music Stores?
kahler. no routing. all set up for the tom. cost a fair bit though.

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