Alright, simple rock song...only verse and chorus done. For the verse, I'm thinking of adding a vocal melody for the first 2 measures cause the lead doesn't really stand by itself.

Personally I really like the chorus...with the chord progression and the rhythm pattern and that melody. The bass'll need some work though. I wrote a funky little ditty in it right now so it isn't so boring, although nothing's polished, and it's most likely completely unneccessary.

Damn, gotta get working on fleshing it out into a full song...it's pretty rough right now.

So enough rambling, hear it for yourself:
New song3a.zip
Holy crap. That was one of the best 1 minute and 40 seconds of my life. Well, ok, I'm over exaggerating a bit, but still, that was awesome. I personally didn't find anything wrong with it at all. The chord progression was really good, and it never got boring. The lead was awesome as well. So far, you have yourself a perfect song. Maybe someone will see it differently than me, but I think it was extremely well done. Keep it up, and you could end up with the next big thing.