shes sitting in the dark,
crying about all of the hate,
feeling all of her shame,
promises kept,
promises broken,
binds of anger,

screaming through her pain,
losing her mind,
so many hard choices,
so much pain to face,
she bled it all away

fading into darkness,
crying every night,
her mother rules her,
her sister hates her,
hardly anyone cares,
one person knows


he's watching her fade away,
he's watching her fall,
helpless to do anything,

bleed it away,
bleed it away,
crying it away,
crying it away........
locked up,
inside my head,
this anger,
this suffering,
this pain,
leaves me
hold your head
up high,
it isn't over yet,
they say,
they say the eyes are the window
to the soul,
look into mine and what do you see?