So ive been saving to get a Vox CC2X212 for awhile and i finally got enough.

But recently ive been hearing alot about this Laney VC30.

Ive read nothing but good things about the VC30 but ive heard numerous dodgy things about these AC30 reissues.

So ive played both of them and although i can tell they are definetely the sort of sound im looking for i cant tell that much of a difference between them and fine tone qualitys dont really concern me at this stage. Also ive heard the stock valves for the Voxs are terrible. Would the Vox stand out from the Laney if i was to buy it and put in quality valves?

So my head is telling me to go for the VC30 which generally seems like a more user friendly unit (the dials arnt reversed and you dont have to solder the back to get at the tubes, master volumes) and is below half price and would allow me to pick up a few boutique pedals. But in the future, possibly when my ears are more trained and i care more about the fine differences in sound, will i regret not getting the AC30?
I like the idea of going for the laney. Its somthing different.

Both companies make great amps.

The Vox has BIG BIG reliability issues and thats always been their problem. The 2x12 is also waaay too heavy (72lbs, which is really impractical) It is a good amp though! The speakers suck and the valves would need to be replaced int he near future. It has some great tones.

The Laney is a really really good amp. It has great speakers. A 3 band EQ is nice too (the vox has an EQ too). I think that with some pedals it could kick some serious ass
^the speakers suck?

those "dodgy" things about the new AC30's aren't as true as you think they are, and the stock tubes don't sound bad at all. If I were you I would go with the one that fits you best and the one that you think sounds better to your ears.
well in my opinion the wharfedales suck. Theyd be easy to change but it is another 200ish.

Don't get me wrong the vox is a great great amp but it has a few problems (its hard to get to the tubes)

I like the laney and pedals but whatever suits you
what don't you like about the wharfedales? and how many times have you played them?

and the deal with not being able to get with the tubes is the same with all AC30's. I just find that the people who think the AC30's have all kind of problems are grossly misinformed and people just keep repeating the same wrong information.
well i have an AC30

don't get me wrong. I LOVE the AC30. BUT the wharfedales are kinda harsh and i would change them. Its all preference. despite its flaws (few of which have to do with the tone!) its a great amp
Try both amps out, they're different, but slightly similar.

The Laney's cleans aren't as nice as the Vox's, but the Laney's overdrive is gorgeous and sweet sounding, and the AC30's overdrive is slightly similar (not completely though, I've not compared side-to-side)
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The Laney VC30 is the absolute king of small amps out there. This thing sounds incredible on both channels. I just put groove tubes in and it sounds even better and warmer. The best $700 I've EVER spent on gear. If you're like me and don't have $2500 for a size comparable Orange combo or the new Brian May Vox, Get this now!
Quote by Marbs

Ive read nothing but good things about the VC30 but ive heard numerous dodgy things about these AC30 reissues.

There are no more issues with the AC30's then there are with other amps. It seems like there is a big game of telephone gping on.

Also, they aren't reissues