Hey, this has probs been done a million times but neway:

Ive got a Fender Standard Tele and Kustom Solo 16DFX (sumtimes called KGA16...)
Anyway I find that the pickups on my tele are lovely and just me thing when played clean because I play a lot of blues. However, I also play punk and classic rock and the pickups cant really cope with that. Looking for an upgrade I found the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and Hot Stack. I was wondering if anyone could comment on what hotrails sound like (in bridge posistion) clean? Do they still have that tele twang or are they completely different because I dont want to lose my current clean sound? Or should I just go for the hot stack which as far as I can tell is just a higher output version of the stock pickups?
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I have a Hot Rails pickup in the bridge position on my strat but I prefer to use the single coils over it because I'm not a fan of twang. I like my clean sound to be very full and bassy. The cleans with my Hot Rails are very trebly so if that's what your going for, get it. Personally, I don't like the sound of 'em but each to their own.
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Hot Rails are going to sound nothing like the stock. It's going to sound more like a full size humbucker than a single coil. The sweetness of the cleans is definitely going to suffer.
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(Not threadstarter) So getting a HRs means sacrificing the "twang" found in the stock pup?
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