Ok so this a freewrite I wrote as a blog on myspace hahahaahhaha, yeah thats how bored I have been this summer. Just really a bunch of random thoughts.

Have you ever wondered whether life seems to smile and greet you to nice cup of morning coffee or throws that hot cup of morning coffee in your face during the middle of the night? If life were just a cup of coffee then lots of people woud be addicted to it, then again if life were drugs/music/sex/RHCP, then many people would be addicted to it nonetheless. Its a good thing life is like that, its a good thing life is just life, and you have to live it or you can kill your self, but who would do that? Oh right emos, just kidding, not only do emos kill themselves, suicidal people kill themselves too, just like kurt cobain, don't think he was emo, but guess what he killed himself, by the way emo bashing is just stupid. I suggest that you just live, live to see what is to come, live to feel, and feeling is the best, even if the feeling is the worst. Without emotions, the world would be perfect, perfectly boring. Its like we would all be white clouds, or gray clouds, or black clouds, or mexican colored clouds, or oriental colored clouds, I'm not racist, just dont want you to dub me a racist, colors are sweet, or should i say colours. And sometimes, out of the end of things, beauty awaits you, and for you, I am sure when the end is near, or the end is here, beauty is an inevitable factor that will play constantly in your life. Hope you make the best of it. So, have you ever thought about life, and just how simple it is, but yet how amazing it can be, through life and death, it is all but a wonderous dawn on our horizon, we must accept it, breath it, leave it, forget it, all at the same time, just how mind boggling it is. But hey, thats life, in a nutshell, a pretty big nutshell , or if your metaphorical, thats life rising over the hills and setting unto and past the lake, never ending cycle in my life time, but and ending cycle in life itself.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know