i recently got the demo of amplitube live, and it didnt make a buzzing sound(like my crappy 5 watt amp) it made a horrible loud kinda staticy sound. and the nouse gate didnt help to much. it was so loud to get that noise out of it it would also stop the ringing of my strings to early. will the same thing happen with the v-amp 2 if i get it?
It sounds like there's a defect in your guitar input, or in your guitar cable.
If that is right of course it will also happen with your v-amp 2.
Are you using the amp around a computer? (I'm assuming amplitube live is a computer program?)

If so, then your moniter, could be causing the noise.
i dont think its the cable, or guitar, maybe monitor, yes amplitube live is a comp. program. i know its not cable or guitar because, if i take the guitar out it still makes that noise, and it dosnt make that noise on my amp.
it dosnt do that sound on amplitube uno either, and it only makes that sound if distortion is high, and trebl is high.