My amp is a Fender 100 watt bass amp. Ive been happy with it, but I cant turn it up really loud without this annoying hissing sound showing up. I dont know whats wrong with it, so can anyone tell me whats going on?
How's your EQ set? Do you have the highs/treble boosted?

If that isn't the problem, does your amp have a tweeter? Can you turn it off? That might help.

You might have a bad connection with the wiring in your amp or bass if it isn't something above.
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The hissing sound your hearing is most likely the horn in your amp. It is used to make high frequencies, which produces the hiss. You could turn down your treble, which would silence most of the hissing.
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The horn is another name for the tweeter...

My amp has a very slight ammount of hissing. Do you have any effect pedals running through it??? Those seem to really destroy your amp. Set all of your EQ and knobs on flat, and see if the noise continues.

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Well, technically horns and tweeters are not the same thing. But they serve pretty much the same purpose.

Every amp is going to hiss a little bit all the time - but you'll only hear it when you turn it up loud enough Some are louder than others, and if nothing else works, it might just be a noisy amp.
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