I had saved up a bit over £200 towards my new amp.
A guy from my dad's work said I could have his Laney AOR 30 watt combo for free.
So I have £200 to spend. Any suggestions (pedals, pickups etc)?
I play 80's thrash, heavy metal, power metal, prog rock, and a bit of ska.
Can anyone recommend me stuff to buy?
And yes I will be sure to do soundclips when i get the amp.

Vox Valvetronix. You can use some of the effects on the amp. They aren't bad for build in effects.
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What guitar do you play?

As far as effects go, I'd suggest a delay and/or phaser.

I play an Ibanez RG1570, so no need for a new guitar.
What phaser and delay do you suggest?

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Vox Valvetronix. You can use some of the effects on the amp. They aren't bad for build in effects.

Well seeing as i'm getting a free amp I have no need for a vox valvetronix. They have unsatisfactory metal tones anyway.
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What phaser and delay do you suggest?

I'm most familiar with the MXR phaser. Not the EVH signature one, though (slap on a guitarists' name and the price skyrockets), but the regular one's pretty cool. Phase 90, that's what it's called! (had to look it up to make sure)
As far as delay goes, I haven't much knowledge in that field. I know that the Digitech Digi-Delay or whatever exists, and that it is in fact a delay pedal, but apart from that I can't be much help. Sorry.
have you got the amp yet? if not, wait till you get it, then you'll see what you need to improve- you may need to get a boost pedal, or hotter pickups, for example.
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