When i first got into music i started listening to oldschool hardcore bands like black flag, minor threat, bad brains etc. Then somebody told me to listen to hatebreed cause the are hardcore. they sound nothing like old school hardcore. so can someone tell me what band is the missing like between oldschool and new school
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check out bands on those labels. i think that's what you're looking for
Hatebreed aren't that hardcore, or good for that matter. There still are hardcore bands around that sound like those bands you mentioned, but most people these days just consider hardcore to be anything that's heavy-esque..it would seem.
there's still plenty of hardcore bands out there that sound like they came straight from the 80's.

hatebreed is borderline hardcore, very slugdy, more metalcore than anything.

But it had to be done.

Hatebreed have some more hardcore stuff if you search into it...

But... Boarderline morden and old... Why not try out Bane? Annoyingly, I can't name many other bands which I could recommend for inbetweeneezes.