How is it possible to play barre chords with all of the strings ringing out too. And on top of that being able to move up and down the frets with different chords. They seem impossible to me. Putting your whole index finger over every string most of the time and having no dead strings. HOW DO YOU DO IT!
I still can't make my B string ring without a lot of force on first position barre chords, but I guess it's possible
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Practice really. That's all you can do. Trust me it took me quite a while to get them down, but after a while of forcing myself, my fingers got stronger and I can now play them pretty well. If you want a slightly easier time with barre chords, you can lower your action a little bit (make your strings closer to your fretboard so that they're easier to push down)
Yea, it is possible. Just practice. I did and now I'm fine with em. Sometimes I still have problems, but not nearly as bad. Also, try moving your index finger back and forth, until it feels confortable with all the strings touching it.
We have all been in that position an its simply because were new to it. My advice is to pick a song that you like with a barre chord and other bits that are easier and sound good and work up to doing the barre chord. The song i chose was 'Wherever you will go' by the calling. This has simple picking an then has a change from Am to F which is a pretty easy change using a barre chord an simply practice hard until you get it right. My other advice is dont practice too hard as i remember pulling a tendon in my thumb which ruled out guitar for like 2 weeks. The more you practice the better it gets and remember that you will always make the odd mistake changing to barre chords simply because its hard an if you were faultless dude you'd be getting paid to play!!
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Just put down on finger at a time on the fretboard with a decent amount of pressure on the neck.

Make sure you arch your fingers!
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