last weekend (july 15) i bought a line 6 spider ii 30 watt. i have heard a ton of bad things about them after i bought it. i dont think it sounds bad at all but people keep saying i wont like it in the future. should i go return the spider for a roland cube 30w for around the same price or keep the spider(the thing is i dont no if i can get a full refund)?

also plz tell me why ur choice is wut it is
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I have the Spider II 30, and as you say, most people hate it, I find it really nice, and actually useful, I've also tried the roland cube and it has a better tone but worse effects and channel drives..... I really like the spider II and wouldn't change it for a cube 30, although I am thinking bout a cube 60 now....

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I would get the Cube out of those 2. I actually like the Valvetronix better. It has a warmer sound and it can do metal just not as well. Overall it has a better tone than the cube I just returned.
Get the cube, I had a spyder and it made me cry everytime I played it
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