Ok, ive been playing for 5 months, i can hit power chords, and i can play cool riffs and stuff, my only problem is when i get to the solo, its intimidating, my friend says that if you learn certain scales, the solos then become easier to pick up and understand, and it also make it easier for you to write your own solos. Please if you have any help tell me wich scales to learn and were i can find them, so that i can take my playing to the next level! Thanks
you can practice the major and minor then pratice the different modes like lydian locrian mixolydian and stuff like that use a metronome and start crosspicking it may take a while but you will get it
I'd recommend learning the major and minor(blues) pentatonics. You can find them at.. www.worldguitar.com/start.html then going to scales to the left side and all the scales are up top. I'd also recomend the mixolydian scales, and aeolian(minor) scales. You can also play along with the scales repeated at.. http://www.jamcenter.com/guitarscales.html then choosing the scale at the top of the page.
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