King Diamond - Welcome Home

Shame on anyone who doesn't recognize King Diamond's falcetto.
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Yeah Clerks II did have a couple of King Diamond songs in it which I thought was pretty cool. Hail Kevin Smith!

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OMGOMGOMG saw Clerks 2 yesterday, better than I could've fuckin' imagined. I thought it may be shit, seemed like a bit of a desperate attempt on Smith's part when I first heard of it but damn . GOOD MOVIE. And yeah, King Diamond. Also, Randalls Count Cockula T-shirt is amazing.
it wasn't half as good as the original. there was way too much stupid shi't. the first one was non stop hilarious dialog. WAM WAM WAM. this was stupid shi't, somethin midly funny, stupid shi't, somethin really funny, somethin kinda funny, stupid shi't, stupid shi't, etc.
It's still damn good for a sequel to such a great movie.

There wasn't much stupid **** either.
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i thought the 2nd one was kickass. Maybe not AS good as the origional, but wat sequal ever is? Kevin SMith is awesome and the movie couldnt have had a more perfect ending either. Good ****
Everyone said it already, yea, King Diamond...& yea, I loved the movie.
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it was indeed King Diamond like everyone else said god dammit this is probably one of the best movies ever. I personally thought it was better than the original.

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