Ok well my friend wants to trade his Epiphone Goth Flying V for my PS2. Do you think this is a fair trade because I am having a difficult time deciding. The V is in pretty good condition. There is some scratching but nothing major. My PS2 is also pretty old and is in sort of rough shape.
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Well it depends, i would trade that any day seeing as i never play on my ps2 and my guitars crap.
Do it. The PS2 isn't that expensive anymore, so you could easily replace it. The Epi Goth V (I think) is limited edition, so you're getting the better end of the deal. I say go for it, man.
as long as everythin on the guitar works, go for it. Remember, you can pick up a brand new ps2 for so cheap these days too. Plus the difference in value between the ps2 and guitar means you're not at a loss there. So yea, i would definitely go for it.

p.s. if i was that other kids dad n found out he was tradin that guitar for a ps2 i'd kick his ass.
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do it
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do it!!!
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Get the guitar. You can go buy a new PS2 for much cheaper than even a used Goth V would cost you.
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