Most people dont really pay attention to backup vocals, but for those who do, who is the best or your favorite backup vocalist (s)?
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whats ur guyz fave band. mine is lead zepelion or something like that. the guitar player of them is so good.
As cities burn
Fear Before the march of flames
Idiot Pilot
Taking Back Sunday ( with john)
Christ Wolstenholme of Muse, his voice goes with Matt Bellamy's so well.
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fear before and underoath are two really good picks. i like the keyboardist for chiodos as well. my fav would probably be soty or tbs though.
^ agreed.
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RHCPhysco for the win.

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The U.S. Bombs have great backup singers. I can't quite say the same about their lead vocals, but the Bombs are still amazing.
frusciante. no question.

also, the guitarist for SOAD had some awesome backup vocals on mesmerize, but he really sucked ass/got really cheesy on hypnotize
Ed O'Brian in Radiohead
Kim Deal in The Pixies
Graham Coxon in Blur
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frusciante. no question.

Echoing this post.

His harmonies are excellent, and they work very well with Anthony Keidis' vocals.

Oh and he's really cool too.
WOW no one has mentioned Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) he went so well with layne at times I think its one voice.
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The guy from Tsunami Bomb. Most back up male vocalists in female fronted punks bands are usually annoying as hell, but the guy from Tsunami Bomb is pretty cool.
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I like John Frusciante's high backing vocals.


Especially in Save the Population.
Joe Perry from Aerosmith
Rich Robinson and Marc Ford from the Black Crowes (the female backup singers that they have on tour and their albums are usually good as well)
Chris Squire from Yes
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The answer is obviously...
Brian May
Roger Taylor
Brin Deacon
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paul mccartney / john lennon, whichever wasn't lead at the moment.
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