I have this brand new MIA strat i got it just tonight!!!

But anyways, how to i attach the tremolo to the bridge? Do i just screw it in all the way, or do i just screw it in a little so it goes easily around? Coz all the guitars i've tried that have had this attached, its been easy to just drop it and let it rest with the "arm" pointing downwards. So how do i do it?
Just screw it in so it fits how you want it. If you want it sticking forward so you can get to it easily then screw it in tight and it should stay in place. It might get in the way a little though. So most people just screw it in all the way, and then un-screw it around once so it has some slack and just sits pointing downward.

Anyways yeah... as long as it's screwed in it should work.
I turn it in so that it's one turn down away from being tight. That way, it's free to fall when you don't use it, but still won't jump around.
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