im debating between a schecter hellrasier avenger, a c-1 fr helraiser, or a framus custom diablo. i like to play avenged sevenfold but mostl lamb of god, someone plaese help, or maybe reccommend a different guitar, thx
I'd say Framus. They kick ass and I believe Willie Adler of LOG was sponsored by them but he recently dropped it.
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If you plan on using the Floyd Rose go for the Hellraiser FR, if you aren't then it will just be a burden on you so get the avenger, IMO.
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i say schecter c-1 hellraiser...also, it's avaliable with or without the floyd rose. you'll save about 100 if you get it without the floyd rose.
I say Framus (I think it has Seymour Duncan pickups).
You better know a place where they have them, because here in Belgium you can't see a single Framus and we even share a border with the Germans! (Framus guitars are made in Germany, fyi)
what do you think im gonna tell you to get ..........................schecter
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I say Framus (I think it has Seymour Duncan pickups).

So do the Schecters
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