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2 25%
Voters: 8.
Stirring a symphony of concoctions
Wooden spoon; black magic cauldron
Bless the grounds you walk on
All Hallow?s Eve; deification
Satisfaction; murderous crows
On a fence; plotting conspiracy
Pour tout le monde à voir
Pour tout le monde à envier

Blasphemous music splits the air
Into a thousand shards of glass
Step carefully; don?t spill your blood
Cauldron burning; misanthropy
Dirty deity; countless foes
On her throne; passing judgment
Pour tout le monde à savoir
Pour tout le monde à détester

Metallurgy; alchemy
A dirty business for matching price
Hubble bubble, toil and trouble
More Opium so I see double
Pour tout le monde à se soucier
Pour tout le monde à croire
Pour tout le monde à nier

Get use to the heat and sand
Because this is were you die
You?re going to drown among this vast ocean
Reach out for nothing but the barbs of a cactus
And we will watch you
As you are pierced and than as it tears and you fall in to the sea

Yes this is were you will die
The sand will enter your lungs as easy as water
Slide down your throat
A grain of sand for a second of time
A fair trade I say
Never said that it would be quick

Don?t bother to fight and struggle
It will only make it worse
Die with some dignity
Don?t flop like a fish
Go down like the captain and his ship

After I realized what I have watched
What I could have prevented I will laugh because
I now know what will happen to me when I dive in
Quote by Kensai
Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
i vote human skin just because i hate it when people use different languages because they cant express what they mean through english and its not flashy or cunning at all

(though im not implying that you cant speak that language, if you can, nvm the above post, but if you cant and used free translation then the above message does apply. Either way, my vote doesnt change.)