Is so unapologetically bad. It's like, "hey, here's this amazing formula for an amazing band [see De-loused in the Comatorium] let's take that, and completely trash it.

All the while, taking a formula ditched in the late 70's and calling it our own!"

Ugh it pisses me off to no extent how bad this album is compared to De-loused, and what they were, what ATDI was.

It makes me a sad panda.
theres a new mars volta albuim?
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yes i would say De-loused is still my favorite but this new album isn't bad

i was hoping this album was going to be more ATDI
i would say this album is excellent, and I think they already discussed it in Modern Rock. Also STFU. How is this album bad?
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If I wanted to listen to King Crimson which I f'ing don't, I'd go buy one of their awful prog albums, I want to listen to neo-punk & neo alternative blast, not this crap.

It's Omar thinking that masturbating the neck of your guitar is good music, it isn't, you can barely hear the drum beats and Cedric's voice.

The best track is Vermicide, which isn't anything better than anything on FtM. This should be discussed in Alt/Ind because before TMV sucked they were a staple in Alt. Press and Alternative Neo Punk.

Suck it, Tool.
i remember when the mars volta was only talked about in here

before they hit the radio and tv those were the days
Big thread on it in the Modern Rock forum
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