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were do ou find custom guitars online? and how can i make my own custom guitar online?

please tell!
carvin.com. good guitars, inexpensive compared to the other companies.
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Jackson Guitars web-site has one where it'll even give you an estimate.
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i need to know where i can make my own custom guitar online! you know, like design my own guitar.
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Do you mean design one, or actually BUY one?

i think he means buy it, get it shipped and play ti right away. not parts at a time like at warmoth.
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Carvin, Ran.
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Lol i tried to see what I wanted would come out in the Jackson custom shop and they're quote was for 5,650 !!!!

It might be interesting for somebody to take there model, go to every shop for a quote and see just how different they are price wise for the exact same guitar.