This song is about what happens when teens have sex and get pregent; and the lives that they must live.

She was a good girl
Everyone thought she was cool
Had a lot of friends
Always did well in school

One day she met him
He was a good guy
It was love at first sight
He never made her cry

They always had a good time
A long time they would be together
And their love would ever end
He was always there for her

One night they wanted something different
So they descided to have sex
They both enjoyed it while last
They'd be surprised at what woud happen next

Oh, they were both surpised
So they would be saying
"Hello and goodbye"
Hello my child
Goodbye my old life

So they day finally came
The pain made her cry
He was there to hold her hand
It was a little baby boy

He said he'd be there for her
And they'd live happily
Nothing would split them apart
Together as a family

Chorus x2
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Good song once again, Quik. Keep on, couldn't find anything wrong. Nice try voting for yourself.:P
Before I say my whole bit, I want to tell you that I actually really liked it. I thought it was good.

Now, the first half (up until the verse before the first chorus), I don't really know, but I think it reminds me of Skater Boy by Avril Lavine-very cut and dry and plain. It lays down the facts. That initial bit was a turnoff. Also, I thought it seemed kind of just standard lyrics for today (I personally prefer lyrics from the 60s-70s). However, at that last verse, I kind of tilted my head like a surprised dog.

Then, the chorus came and the song took on new life. It had a heart, a little bit of wit and some charm to accompany. Although the story of their life is short (just the two verses), it's good. It says all it needs to say in little time. You kind of want more of that part, but you realize that that's all that should really be said of it. So, in my opinion, good song with a heart.

As a side note, I'd really appreciate it if you'd review mine, if you don't mind.
Lonely Souls' Lane
in all fairness i thought it was horrendous. it sounds to much like something kurdt kobain would write. nothing against him but that style worked for him and sorry but your not him. so construct and live in your on style.

the message
he was a boy... she was a girl, could it be anymore obvious. (skaterboy)

the opening to ur song is like the opening to skater boy, and i hate skaterboy.