For real tone, I'm not at all a fan of digital recorders, but for a whole lot of options in one package, I guess it is useful.

I had a processor, and I ended up using basically nothing out of it. Sold it, and get individual pedals of what I actually needed.
bad idea.. too digital and doesnt sound nice.. choose between the boss gt8 or the pod xt live

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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bad idea.. too digital and doesnt sound nice.. choose between the boss gt8 or the pod xt live

Too digital? did you mess with the settings? Did you take time to tailor the sound? Or did you do what 70% of players do and just plug it in, run through the presets, and make you're informed decision?

Not trying to attack you... but having played with the GNX4 (and owning the GNX3000), digital is the last thing i would call this. the XT live and Gt8 are fantasitic pedals... don't get me wrong. but to say that the GNX4 is "too digital" is just obscene.

angry andrew... when you get the GNX4.. go the the website and get intouch with Guitar1234. He produces a third party cd that adds tons of professional quality patches... amp models... cabinet models... and artist models......
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i guess its fine for recordings, but all of the gnx series sucks when used live. just take motherships advice....and dont be fooled by those exaggerated infos on the gnx..
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The Pod xT Live is miles above all the others. Go check it out and see for yourself.
But also keep in mind The gnx4 has a drum machine and records. The Pod xT has no drum machine and does not record. The Pod is just an amp and effects simulator. The Boss all in one is just effects, no amp sim. So I guess it depends on your needs.I record using Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 4. Pod has USB to connect directly to your computer. And I have an Alessi drum machine. So for me Pod is great since I don't need GNx4's drum machine (Alessi is way superior) or its record function.(Sonar Home studio Has 64 Tracks) GNX4 has 8.
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^GNX4 has a jamman looper for live use, and a mic preamp for recording with a mic too. It can also go USB directly to your computer for HD recording, so you could still use your own recording software too.
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seriously just dont get the gnx4, just go for the podxt live
one should not feel threatened by opinions contrary to his own
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im going to get it and i need opinions on it so is it good?

that should really read something like:

"Is this pedal any good? Im thinking about buying it but I want to make sure its worth it"


"im going to dump money into something i have no clue about"

How bout you dont get a multieffects pedal...use the search button and read one of the 3 topics about this already on same page.