OK so my friends dad made me a tube amp. i love the sound when its on clean, but i feal liek i want a better distortion out of it, i play metal(trivium, metallcia, megadeth) adn i want a heavier distortion, i have a boss ds1 goign to t, any suggestions besides getting a new pedal(and if i have to whichi one should i get) to make my distortion better now?
Unless your gonna show us pics of the amp, wrong section.
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why am i in the wrong section u dont rally need pictures after what i just said, its a tube amp, i play metal, and i use a boss ds 1 pedal i dont thin u need pictures to tell me how to get a better distortion
Not many people listen to anyone when they talk about home-made stuff unless the thread includes pictures or soundclips...

Anyways, the Tubescreamer is your best bet.
yea...plus we all just wanna see what this custom amp looks like.

heres an idea.
turn down your mids.
and put treble and bass up
(on the amp)
are you getting a closer sound to what you want?

most people think they need more gain, but really they just suck at EQ'ing.

use your amps gain and the ds-1 as an OD. btw.
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the file was too big but heres a link to my myspace, u can see it there


the controlls on it are in oreder as followed going across the top of the amp: Bass Volume Treble Volume Bass Mid Treble Middle.

the two first volumes are for which one u want to stand out more, to get the distortion on the amp its self, u turn the first two volumes up past the middle, so half of the first two volumes are clean, and the other two are distortion. does that make sense?
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You can use something like the MXR 10 band eq to help change your tone and add some gain to get where you want to go. It's very difficult to tell what will work and what won't without more details about the amp, what tubes for example. You might be able to swap your tubes out to some that enhance overdrive.
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Cool, looks just like a Blues Jr/Hot Rod.

It won't be made for metal, so don't think it'll sound amazing for it, but just run a few overdrives through the clean (or overdrive channel if it sounds nice) and you'll be set.
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