at my local guitar shop there's a japan made white fender strat with a white scratch plate and a seymour duncan hotrail in the neck pick-up, SSS config used, the knobs seem to be falling off but i can replace them, its a bit dirty but can clean that up, its going for the highest offer, should i try to go for this?
I heard that japan made fenders rival american made, plus its got a seymour duncan in the neck pick-up, it looks great too, it feels great but i havent had chance to test it with an amp yet, the price probably wouldnt be a problem cos my dad is obsessed with strats and is one of those rich c*nts who doesnt give anyone money unless it helps him (this will cos he's wanted me to play a strat for ages now).

Should i try for it?
id say go for it , btu dont forget to try it out, anyway what have you got to lose?
May cause death if user is an idiot.
yeah thats what i thought, i'm trying it out probably saturday but my non guitarist friends wont be amazingly happy with me going nuts over it lol, theres one of them who is obsessed with my playing though lol, and there might be a problem in getting the money cos my dad is paying for my guitar mod as well
Im assuming your dad likes guitars.....

and if you're not sure about the guitar, well im pretty sure it wont be the only strat in the store so you can always try more as long as you're there.
May cause death if user is an idiot.
yeah but this isnt a strat, its a japan made fender with a seymour duncan hot rail in the neck, and my dad isnt much of a gguitarist but he is a guitarist fan boy :p hes willing to do anything to get me to the top lol, next year i'm meeting a load of famous irish guitarists at the rory gallaghar tribute festival, i'm not too fond on regular strats i'm more for strats that have been modified or something
I saw a '84 MIJ strat that I was about to buy, but instead i went with a MIM fat strat.

It was a poor choice.
Japanese Fenders are amazing.

Try it out, and if you like it, buy it!
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I've tried it without an amp and it feels great, i'll test it with an amp soon, this is practically just an impulse buy cos its there lol but it'll be great non the less
seriously go for it, MIJ strats are superb, make sure it feels right to you though.......i found with strats in the past that you have to find that one, they all feel different to different people.