Hey everybody.

I kind of feel like an idiot writing this, so hopefully the "there are no stupid questions" thing holds true.

I've been trying for a while to get myself a nice, chunky when palm muted/full tone sort of Pennywise-ish so, I guess almost borderline metal sort of tone. The problem is, I've been listening to my amp so much, I have no idea what I'm hearing. I know that the guitar plays a big role too so I'll just give my whole setup and hopefully someone will be familiar with it and be able to give some feedback for settings.

I'm using a guitar with only a Seymour-Duncan Invader humbucker in the bridge position.

My amp is a 30 watt Roland Cube and I have a HM-100 distortion pedal that is getting me closer, but not quite.

Any thoughts on tone would be incredible and appreciated tons.

- punkfish
k..... there are several things that will give you the sound you're looking for (pennywise rock by the way) the pickups (which is sounds like is good on yer setup) the distortion type (you don't want gain or overdrive but actual distortion, there is a difference, and distortion with a bit of gain is even better) and the last is a big amp that is loud.... the last thing isn't always easy to come by but here is the reasoning..... you wants a decent wattage + big speakers, decent wattage will get your sound louder and bigger speakers will push more air, a smaller speaker is going to push fewer frequencies and only "highlight" certain ones so to speak (certain frequencies generally mids and treble will push through really strong as opposed to the low end which is what you're going for) , big amps typically chunk easier and more pronounced than small amps which will typically sound thinner and won't push nearly as much low end as larger amps.
and as an addendum if your HM 100 has a EQ (im assuming it does as most metal pedals do) start slowly sucking out the mid range and boosting the low end and hi end and you eventually get the sound you are looking for. and one more thing, tube amps will have a thicker warmer chunkier sound than solid state/ digital amps, pretty much all pedals are digitial/solidstate which is fine, but the actual head itself should be tube for maximum effect.
Hey, thanks a lot, that really helps give me an idea to go back at it with.

The pedal does have EQ so I'll try that a bit. Any thoughts were the mid frequency should be set? I've got that on there too.

And yea, I'm beginning to think I need to ditch the stock speaker and buy something else designed for a handling the harsher, distorted stuff. For size, it's 10" so not perfect, but I might be able to squeeze a 12" with some effort, chisels and swearing any thoughts for brands? I'm in Canada by the way, so something I can get here instead of ordering and having to ship from afar would be just... well... fantastic.
well, honestly, i would recommend a half stack, i have 4 12"s and its just perfect for me, i play metal with the bass at about 7/10 , treble about 9/10 and the mids at 2/10 and that gives me a nice clean chunky sound with sharp high ends and just enough mids to keep from making the overall sound too muddy. as for the speaker types its all preference, if you can make it to your library i would bet a crisp $10 bill that they have how to books on building an amp/speaker setup so with a little bit of work and time you can build a $1500 amp setup for about $400 (a friend of mine did this and got extremely close to a mesa boogie sound for about $600 as opposed to the $2200 needed for a real mesa) with stuff you can buy from radio shack or the tandy center (i'm not sure if canada has either of those but i would figure one or the other) as for the mid frequency for you i would just play with it and chug an open E with one hand and turn it down w/ the other until it sounds sweet to yer ear. same with the lows and highs.