http:// i have this video and it confuses me cause i thought the beatles stopped doing concerts after 1966 and i need someone to explain this
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If this is the rooftop concert, then I have the answer. The other Beatles wanted to do another concert, a big concert- and lots of places were considered, but George Harrison said "No."- he didn't want to do another big concert. So they performed on the rooftop of the Apple building. Hope that helps!
Its just a promotional video. I think that it was from the Frost Show (old British tv show) and they need to promote it, so they needed to perform it live. I think, when you say about them stopping in 1966, that was full shows for large audiences which they gave up. They still performed a few times afterwards at special occasions (eg this video and when they performed "All You Need Is Love" on tv) and then the roof concert

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