I suppose this is a no-brainer but...

in my band

our Drummer can play... drums (and he can sing really well)
our Bass player can play... bass, drums, and guitar
our guitarist (the other one) can play... guitar, piano (He can sing)
I can play... guitar, bass (I can sing)

So I suppose this is a pretty healthy situation. I mean, we can play each other's instruments so we can provide more professional input on someone's part in a song.

So how flexible are your guy's bands?
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i wishe we were like that.

drummer - drums, used to play guitar, sing a little
bass - bass, sing a little
singer - sing
me - guitar, a little bass. A used to play trombone in school band but those days have long gone.
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I can play guitar and bass, but my other guitar player can play guitar, bass, piano, and violin, so he's more flexible than I am. But it's nice to have someone that can do piano if I ever need it.
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I can do rhythm/lead guitar, some keys, bass, and if i really wanted to xylophone.
Our other guitarist just does guitar. Our bassist can do guitar. Our singer can do guitar, keyboard but not very well (in her own opinion I've never heard her play). And our drummer's a tosser who quit last week.
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Drummer - (If he hasnt committed suicide yet) drums, guitar
Bassist - Bass, Guitar
Guitarist/Vocalist (other one) - Anything
Me - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Mainly BM/Death style.)
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Drummer - drums, a little guitar, piano, sing
Bass - bass, guitar, little piano
Singer - sing, little guitar
Me - guitar, bass, some drums, some piano, and trumpet (mhmm)

It's pretty flexible I guess.
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Our Bass player can play Bass and guitar so long as it's nothing more difficult than Green Day who, I'd like to point out I detest.
Our other Guitarist can play Guitar and Sing
I play Guitar, bit of Banjo, Bass, Piano, tiny bit of drums and I can Sing.

I have to write all the parts for everyone in the band, hence why I can play every main instrument to a basic level. Guitar is my forte though.
I can play guitar(and bass), and am somewhat proficient at mandolin, ukulele, and singing/screaming

The other guitarist can play guitar and saxaphone, and can sing in a very high voice

The bassist can play bass and sings most of our songs

The keyboardist can play keyboards and does some electronic samples/ techno stuff

we're pretty flexible.
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my and my other singer/songwriter/guitarist can play nearly anything mediocrely If you give us a week with or two with it

our bassist can play bass well and drums well and can sort of play guitar

and I'm not sure what our (new) drummer can play, but he can sure as hell play drums

I'ts great really, me and the leader of the new band have been playing together for about three years and are best friends. We were in a band I fronted for about two years that broke up recently because I was in California for a month and the new band I was just playing with seems like it will work well with a few tweaks. Prettttty sweet
Drummer - Drums
Bassist - Bass, Drums, singing,
Lead Guitarist - Guitar, Bass, Drums, singing
Me - Guitar, abit of bass, singing

My lead guitarist is an awesome song writer.
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Drummer - drums, bass, guitar and occasionally banjo. He also sings
Guitar - Guitar, piano and he sings a little
Bass - bass...
Me (singer) - guitar, bass, drums, mandolin and a little piano
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Drummer-Drums,can play a tiny bit of bass
Bass(Me)-Bass,some Guitar,Trombone,Piano,Screaming,low singing
Guitar-Guitar,some bass,bit of drums,mid range singing
Singer-Singing(Good range),some screaming,guitar,bass,piano,drums(He has alot of musical skill)
Drummer - only can play drums but is an excellent drummer and does stuff the rest of us can't even go near.
Bassist - bass, guitar, some drum stuff
Keyboardist - keyboards (all types eg organ, piano), xylophone, harmonica, saxophone, some drum stuff, singing
Me - guitar, bass, mandolin, some drums, singing
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Drummer-Drums and VERY basic guitar (used to play but now struggled to play another one bites on an electric)
Me-Bass, guitar and drums, nottoo good at guitar or drums though
Guitarist/Vocalist-Guitar and vocals
me- bass, sing
guitarist, - guitar, bass, sing but cant while playing
drummer- drums with no motivation, were booting him
new drummer- beastly drummer, can sing very well
future band member (another friend)- bass, acoustic guitar, sings, keyboard, amazing song writer
Drummer - drums, wants to learn bass, still to hear him sing
Guitarist ( Me ) - guitar, bass, drums, xylophone, keyboard, bagpipes, sings
Other Guitarist - guitar, bass, sings