This is an amazing song from Stadium Arcadium, I just muked around with my acustic guitar and myself, happened to like the way it turned out

cut it a verse short just threw in a little acustic solo instead, tell me what you think of it


"String My Mind"

Frusciante kicks ass
Not bad at all. Guitar sounded nice, maybe a few slip ups when changing chords but I'm not sure really. I thought your voice was a little whiney and you held the notes a little too long in places, but it was perfectly adequate. Enjoyed the solo, fitted the song well. I would have liked the overall tempo to be a bit faster though. Good effort, cracking song to cover!I might have a go at a cover of this myself sometime
I messed up on the very last dminor, for some reason i just switched to the wrong chord and started to fix it at the last second way to lazy to fix it seeing how i recorded the vocalsn and guitar in same take