i have a question. what fender guitar is best for blues, rock,punk,ect.....
im considering buying one but i dont know where to begin. answers are greatly appreciated.

my rig: squier standard stratocaster
marshall mg15cd
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digitech hot head
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so you want an all round fender?
I'd say a strat with HSS config, eith MIM and change the pick-ups or MIA/MIJ (if you can get a japanese one) and stick with the stocks
Get a new amp first, assuming that your Squier doesn't have extreme playability issues.

I like Thinline Tele's personally, but they aren't necessarily the most versatile Fender.
Fat Strats = Versatile
i'd suggest an upgrade in amps beforea new guitar ... a fender hot rod deville if you can afford it
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Orange Rocker 30. Best Marshall ever

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if u want a super versatile guitar, get a Fender Jaguar/Jagstang :-p...hahaha
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John Mayer's sig strat is amazing, it really is one of, if not the, best strats you can get if you ask me.

I love the Big Dipper pickups.

To thread starter: Amp first, then guitar. There is no best Fender because that is all subjective, however, I am partial to strats.

and I'm a strat man.
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