What should I do?

Me and my Guitarist/Vocalist (I'm lead Guitars/Backup vox) have been talking about what to do with our bassist. We're confident we'll be able to find a bassist and drummer when school starts, so...

Our question: Should we kick out our bassist or not? He's a cool person, one of my better friends, but, when it comes to the band, everything we suggest he says "That's gay..." like when we had a good Idea for a name... We still need to suggest A few of our new Idea's though... Plus, me and my vocalist like pretty much the same stuff... He likes a lot of black metal riffs and mainly thrash stuff, I like a little of everything... And he can do the thrash vocals, but, our bassist doesnt like anything we like.... I mean, would you call Pink Floyd thrash? The only band he listens to that we really like is AC/DC...

But, he's good....
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kick him out, the most important thing is to have the same taste, and to be a good musician/compromiser.
Well, i would talk to him about it. I could see just blatantly dropping him if he wasn't your friend, but since you two are friends, he deserves to know what you are thinking. If he doesn't see where you are coming from, or see your point, then wait until school starts and shop around for a bassist and drummer. (either way, don't talk to him until school starts, unless it gets unbearably bad)

Hope this helped

Keep rockin'

Jason A.
w8 until u hav a new bassist from skool then kick him out
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If he doesn't like the same music, why's he there? A musician can play a type of music, even if it isn't his favorite genre. Some guitar players will play a variety of music, so that they can be active and make money. If the bass player cannot be professional, suck it up and play what you and others want without the BS, since he has nothing productive to add, then find another. Of course with garage band mentality, "live for the band" and all that, professionalism will take a back seat to some who just want to be in a band for namesake.
Yea, we got him with the idea of showing him stuff and seeing if he would kinda, get in to all music.. But he's stubborn.

Jason hit the nail on the head... We still need to talk to him, see if he can become a little more flexible, cause we both want to keep him, (he has a really cool house... lots of stuff) but, if we want the band to work out, we cant keep him if he doesnt suck it up and become a little more flexible....
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"