Poll: Which hardtail would tickle my fancy?
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Ibanez RGA121 w/ EMGs
4 24%
Ibanez SZ520 w/ EMGs
5 29%
Jackson SLSMG
0 0%
Jackson DKMGT
1 6%
Jackson DK2T
2 12%
5 29%
Voters: 17.
Alright a few month ago I posted about wanting a RG321mh, well, I've tried one and all that jazz, but I'm not really too sure how I liked the bridge, I mean it didn't feel as comfortable for palm muting as I would've liked, and I think the action was a bit high.

Anyways, I guess I'm just gonna have to spend more on a hardtail model for something really nice.

So, It looks like the only guitars really left that I'd like to have are these:

Ibanez RGA121 w/ EMGs
Ibanez SZ520 w/ EMGs
Jackson DKMGT w/ EMGs
Jackson DK2T w/ SDs
Jackson SLSMG w/ EMGs
LTD MH-400NT w/ EMGs

As far as the bolt-on Jackson's are concerned I'm almost feeling I should ditch these as well as the heel looks really big and uncomfortable for shredding, though I've never had a chance to play one, and unfornately the SLSMG only has a limited run of the transparent red and black which are the only colors I like, but again I've never played a jackson so I don't know how they compare to the Ibanez.

I've also never played an LTD, but I did hold a 250NT, and it didn't look like it was all that bad of quality.

I enjoy playing melodic death metal, power metal and thrash..
Carvin CT6M. Or just any other Carvin with your desired specifications.
If you can afford the RGA, it will give you boners. Seriously.

The bridge is insanely comfortable for palm muting, and the Wizard is simply awesome. It also has the mahogany for your EMGs, and it's two classes above everything else you listed. Mmmhm.
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Yeah, I can afford it, pretty much looking for the best bang for buck under $1000, that suits my playing styles.

The RGA, MH-400NT, and SLSMG we're really the top contenders, I just included the DKMGT and DK2T because they looked like worthy canidates too, but your right with them both being bolt on like the RGA except with the RGA having a MUCH MUCH smaller heel (AANJ) I figured it'd probably be better to take them out but I didn't...haha

And again I'm asking because I've never gotten the chance to compare a SLSMG and MH-400NT to a RGA121, and I threw the SZ520 because they look like a good bang for the buck as well and seemed to play pretty nice last time I played them...its just that the medium frets I'd have to get used to a little bit and the different neck scale.
RGA is what happens when you take either that Jackson or the LTD and make them three times better, in my opinion. I was looking for that exact type of guitar a few months ago - a metal hardtail, with the same intent to slap EMGs into it, and after a lot of research and many test drives (plays?) I came to a conclusion that RGA just outclasses anything in its price range in feel, quality, playability.

Almost bought it, but tax time arrived.

SZ is great value, but with your budget, RGA is definitely on top. It's something you'd not want to switch in a very long time.
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Got around to playing a SZ520 the other day and found the neck a bit odd feeling. The only thing I could guess is because it only has medium frets and the scale length is a bit smaller (25.1") compared the 25.5" on my RG270.

So, that being said, I'm used to my wizard II neck and I really like it a lot, though I've heard nothing but good about prestige necks and supposively the new ones are only 1mm thinner than a Wizard II, but the radius is also is less round, and more flat feeling.

So, speaking about size, are the Jackson and LTD necks a lot thicker than the Ibanez or are the roughly the same? I guess that'd be the only thing I'm wondering about now.
Sorry, this is the last time I'm gonna up this regardless, and I'm sorry about the abundance of questions, but does anyone know about the necks of the Jackson's and LTD's in comparison to the Ibanez?

I know the SZ is a like maybe a 1mm or so more than a wizard II, but I've never actually played a Jackson and its been a LONG time since I touched an LTD, and I can't remember what the neck was like, it was like when I first started guitar, so I didn't really pay any attention to those sorts of things yet.