Hi im trying to find out how to remove instruments from a song without removing the vocals. Singing without the instruments. If anyone knws post here
i'm sure there are some audio tools you can buy or download, its actually easier to do it the other way around, vocals generally run in the 1k range, so maybe you can reverse engineer that and use a sound utility to remove everything BUT the 1k range..... just a suggestion, i know its not much but that really is asking quite a bit if all you're working with is a cd or something thats already been mixed and mastered.
basicly it is impossible to remove or isolate any instrument in a full mix. the best you can do is to remove the frequencies of the instruments you dont want and keep the frequencies of the ones you do want. this wont work well because things overlap. some stereo tracks are panned with identically to each side, with vocals in the middle. on these you can invert one side and it will cancel the other side out and leave the vocals in the middle. problem is that it usually sounds bad and sometimes it removes just the vocals instead. really there is no good way to do it and get a good result.
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Yeah, unless you have the original music file that they recorded onto the computer with all the separate tracks, which one would presume you don't, you can't do as cleanly as you think. It's quite difficult to isolate ONE track. Things overlap frequency ranges...
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